MONA is a software program for Windows XP/7/8/10. Aquanex software runs under Windows XP/7/8/10. WOW and Torpedo are software programs for Windows XP. Approaching Perfect Freestyle and MONA Cue Cards are electronic documents. You can download documents and software products immediately after purchase.

  • Writing to competitive and novice swimmers alike, contributors to this volume break down every aspect of the sport. Swimming Science covers physiology, psychology, and safety, as well as hydrodynamics, nutrition, and technique. This includes two chapters written by Dr. Havriluk.
  • Swimming is a skill sport that requires an individual to master very specific movements to swim effectively. Every day, the STR team of professionals evaluates swimmers' technique and makes suggestions that will prevent injury (or further injury!) and improve performance. Over the years, STR has worked with thousands of swimmers at every ability level from beginners to Olympians. That extensive experience is the basis for this product.
  • Swimming Without Pain eBook cover
    “Swimming Without Pain” eBook is a comprehensive guide to preventing and rehabilitating shoulder injuries.
  • Approaching Perfect Swimming is the book for every swimmer, triathlete, coach, and parent. This e-book design is easy to read,
  • MONA is a model for optimal swimming technique. At each key position in the freestyle stroke cycle, you see a front, side, top, and bottom view. Each position also displays visual and kinesthetic cues - specific orientations of the body that a swimmer can see and feel. More information about MONA