Torpedo Expert System for faster skill learning


Designed to simplify and expedite the learning process, Torpedo provides a list of skills for the swim, start, turn, and finish of all four competitive strokes at five levels of proficiency. Coaches can track swimmers’ progress in mastering skills, graphically display the progress on the computer, and print reports listing the mastered skills and the information critical to learning the remaining skills.


Makes your coaching job easier.

  • Identifies critical skills for each stroke
  • Suggests specific cues for skill mastery
  • Simplifies technique instruction
  • Tracks and stores swimmers’ progress
  • Prints graphs and reports


Makes deck time more productive.

  • Expedite the learning process
  • Recognize swimmers’ accomplishments
  • Train assistants
  • Help parents


Makes skill learning more fun.

  • Skills for swim, start, turn, and finish
  • Skills for all four competitive strokes
  • Skills for five levels of proficiency
  • Skills with visual and kinesthetic cues


Windows for cue and skill display

  • Proficiency Level Checklist – tracks swimmers’ progress in mastering skills
  • Diagnostic Checklist – identifies factors that limit swimmers’ performance
  • Cues – displays visual and kinesthetic cues for each skill


Windows for analysis and editing

  • Chart – displays individual and team progress in mastering skills
  • Skill and Cue Editor – modifies skills and cues as desired
  • Swimmer Editor – adds as many as 500 swimmers to the database



Documentation includes information about optimizing technique instruction.

The accompanying Torpedo manual includes information about implementing a Technique Incentive Program designed to acknowledge the accomplishments of swimmers in mastering competitive swimming skills.


Easy to install and operate.

Torpedo software runs under Microsoft Windows. Installation is very quick and easy.


New Torpedo Software:

  • Invaluable help for beginning coaches
  • Superior resource for experienced coaches