Aquanex has been used in a variety of clinical and research projects in swimming and aquatic therapy over the last 20 years. Aquanex sensors measured force on the hands, feet, paddles, fins, and several types of aquatic exercise equipment. A wide range of ability levels were tested – from recreational swimmers to world record holders. Many of the studies resulted in presentations and publications. Copies are available on request.

Aquanex data are reliable and valid.
The initial research on Aquanex showed that the system was reliable (measured the same value on repeated trials) and valid (measured the value that it was meant to measure). The validity was supported by a series of three experiments that found a greater force value: for competitive swimmers than recreational swimmers; for swimmers treated with an instructional intervention than without the intervention; and after being coached than before.
Havriluk, R. (1988). Validation of a criterion measure for swimming technique. Journal of Swimming Research, 4(4), 11-16.

Swimming performance improves rapidly with comprehensive analysis and instruction.
The results demonstrate that even a relatively short duration of carefully targeted instruction can make a meaningful improvement in technique (as measured by the active drag coefficient) and performance (as measured by swimming velocity). A complete program includes a biomechanical model of optimal technique, force and video analysis, visual and kinesthetic cue instruction, practice at a slow speed to allow control, and individual feedback.
Havriluk, R. (2006). Magnitude of the effect of an instructional intervention on swimming technique and performance. In J. P. Vilas-Boas, F. Alves, A. Marques (Eds.), Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming X. Portuguese Journal of Sport Sciences, 6(Suppl. 2), 218-220.

Technique analysis and instruction improves performance more than swimsuit design.
One week of a comprehensive program of technique analysis and instruction had an effect on the active drag coefficient that was 3.5 times as great as the effect from wearing a Fastskin