“We certainly think you are the best without a doubt.”

“In the first meet after your camp my daughter set a national record.”

“Thank you for a wonderful clinic and your time and expertise.”


“She has been shaving time off free and fly and is seeing results! Thanks!”

“. . . are ranked in the top 25 in the world . . . thanks again for all your help”

“It was very beneficial to our swimmers.”

“. . . it was totally pain free . . . I was giving testimonials for your swim lessons”

“This (MONA) is the best instructional package ever developed for swimming.”

“I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and information.”

“this change in my techniques was the cause of me making . . . another national team.

“The big 200 breast improvement is due to your corrections.”

“. . . what an awesome program (Aquanex) . . . great research”

“I am now even more impressed with what you do then I was before, and I was already amazed.”

“Thank you for helping me to improve my strokes and for all the encouragement.”

“I took your comments to the pool this morning . . . GREAT IMPROVEMENT!”

“You were a great inspiration to me over the years. . . I definitely made up my mind about sport science after attending the swimming camps in Tallahassee.”

“Your clinic moved me from lane 4 to lane 5 in my masters group!”

“I thought the class was very useful, and well worth doing”

“It was a pleasure working with you.”

“At Tuesday’s meeting of the Council . . . only raving remarks were made.”

“I always feel good and energized after your lesson for the next day’s practice.”

“My daughter broke one record by so much that the officials checked the backup times!”

“I shaved three minutes off my half iron man swim (1.2 miles).”

“I’ve swum once since the clinic . . . and I swam faster than ever.”

“Thank you very much for what you have tot (sic) us.”

“We are so fortunate to have you.”

“I have made almost unbelievable strides forward since the clinic that I am having to pinch myself.”

“Thanks again and thank you for your professionalism . . . I was very impressed”

“Thanks for everything at the camp. The boys really liked it and want to do it again. Your plan was excellent.”

“Thank you again for all your work with my kids.”

“You don’t charge enough!”

“I want to compliment you on your seminar . . . you covered an amazing amount of ground in a short time but it was very logical, made a lot of sense”

“I am sure this is all because of your help and time spent with him during the clinic.”

“Once again, we appreciate all that you do.”

“Thanks for an excellent clinic – everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot.”

“Thanks so much for helping me on my strokes.”

“My daughter was in your January program this year. She not only loved the whole thing, but improved so much after the clinic that I have parents asking me details about the clinic.”

“I am so impressed with the dedication”

“We appreciate your help improving our daughter. She did well in the regionals and the nationals.”

“I miss my swimming lessons with you . . . your swim lessons were a high point in my life.”

“I would not be making such a dramatic improvement without you helping, changing, and encouraging me.”

“I asked my son how he was able to improve his strokes during the time he was at school and was not getting any technique instruction and he said that he just remembered what Dr. Havriluk had told him to do.”

“You’re consistently good about positive reinforcement.”

“I did what you told me and I dropped about 5 seconds in one event and 10 seconds in another.”

“. . . your clinic made quite an impact . . .”

“Thank you for sharing your abundant swim knowledge with our children and in the coaching clinic.”

“I really appreciate your help.”

“Thanks . . . Installed (WorkOutWriter) . . . working like a charm”

“Thank you for the care and attention given to me in these unforgettable two weeks.”

“The swim clinic was great.”

“That advice you gave me about my legs has helped a lot.”

“Your teaching technique was wonderful and I have recommended you to several other people.”

“She shaved 7 seconds off her 200 IM, 4 seconds off her 100 breast, 5 seconds off her 200 fly, 3 seconds off her 100 free and 9 seconds off her 200 free. Thanks for all your help!!!”


“Thanks to your guidance and encouragement, the kids have improved their strokes and gained confidence.”

“I think your product is quite revolutionary.”

“Your (sic) the best . . . ever.”

“We really believe that what you have done with both girls has helped greatly.”

“I told her you were great!!”

“She needed your eye. Whatever you told her . . . it worked.”

“Thanks for all your help. While we have only had two meetings, I can tell a difference already.”

“For your invaluable advice to me as a coach and parent, and for what you have accomplished with the kids, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“This is a really great experience for me, thank you very much.”