STR SpeedWeeks include:
  • a full range of evaluations that help swimmers with strength and flexibility,
  • deliberate practice strategies that accelerate skill-learning and help continue progress,
  • scientific information based on physics and research,
  • analysis procedures that reinforce positive technique and clearly identify limitations, and
  • guest experts in the most closely related performance areas.
Strength, Flexibility, and Talent Identification Evaluations
Vertical Jump – muscle fiber type
Wall push-up – strength specific to swimming
Neck extension – flexibility specific to fly and breast breathing
Posture – muscular Imbalance
Scapula Position – muscular imbalance, overuse, harmful technique
Skill Learning Strategies
Deliberate Practice
Cue-focused practice
Skill Isolation Drills
Hand Paddle Drills
Solo Practice
Mirror Feedback
Speed Progressions
Group and Individual Feedback
Information Database
Biomechanical Model for Optimal Technique
Visual and Kinesthetic Cues
Tips for Training
Tips for Racing
Technique Misconceptions
Shoulder Stress
Skill Learning Acceleration
Analysis Procedures
Above and Below Surface Evaluation for Cue Compliance
Synchronized Underwater Video and Hand Force
Stroke Counts for Swimming
Stroke Counts for Turns and Finishes
Kick Counts for Underwater Segments
Glide Time and Distance for Starts and Turns
Guest Experts (some locations)
Sport Psychology
Strength Training
Physical Therapy