Your coaches need every advantage to prepare your Federation’s swimmers to compete at the highest level. We hope you will decide to give them the data they need.

STR camps and clinics have been conducted in: Aruba, Australia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Brazil, Curacao, Ecuador, Grand Cayman, India, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, St Vincent, Trinidad, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the USA.

Recent presentations at the following conferences:

  • American Swim Coaches Association
  • Australian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association
  • Federation Internationale de Natation
  • International Olympic Committee: Prevention of Illness and Injury
  • International Symposium on Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming
  • International Swim Coaches Association
  • USA Swimming Sport Science Network Meeting
  • US Swim School Association

Instructional methods: Recent published research again supports the learning strategies used in our camps and clinics. National caliber swimmers used STR “deliberate practice” strategies for one month and significantly improved their technique. This study was our second to show a significant improvement in technique using our practice strategies.

Analysis clinics: Aquanex technology identifies precise technique adjustments critical to improving performance for elite swimmers. A five minute testing session provides synchronized underwater video and hand force data that reinforces positive technique elements and clearly identifies technique limitations. All Aquanex clinics are conducted by the inventor and president of STR – Dr. Rod Havriluk.

Technique optimization: Dr. Rod Havriluk is one of the world’s leading authorities on swimming technique. His primary areas of research are optimizing technique, preventing shoulder injury, and accelerating skill learning. His information is based on Aquanex analyses of thousands of swimmers including Olympians from many countries. His research has helped him develop specific application strategies that a swimmer can immediately implement to improve performance.

Recent media: Dr. Havriluk’s clinics have been covered by media in dozens of countries. His patented technology and scientific approach to technique improvement has been featured on the ESPN Sport Science series and on the History Channel. Rod is one of the most widely published authors in swimming with articles in publications such as American Swimming Magazine, Swimming in Australia, the Journal of Swimming Research, and the Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport. He writes a monthly article on technique misconceptions in Swimming World.