STR conducts Aquanex+Video analysis clinics worldwide and year-round. In preparation for hosting a clinic there are a few arrangements that will make the testing and feedback sessions proceed smoothly. Please call (850-385-9803) or email ( if you have any questions.

Swimmer Data
Prior to the clinic, we will need the following data on each participant: last name, first name, gender, age, height, and weight. Please email us a spreadsheet with this information (, or fax us the registration forms (866-469-3614). We will need the original signed registration forms at the clinic site before the clinic begins.

Only one end lane of the pool is required for the pool testing session. When being tested, the swimmer begins 20 m from the wall and swim towards the camera until touching the wall. (Because we get so much information in a short swim, the pool can be a little shorter than a 25 yd competition pool.) Use of the other lanes will not interfere with the testing session. (Testing sessions are often scheduled during a team training session.) The camera is mounted on the gutter at the end of the pool. The camera attaches to the lip of the gutter at water level. If the lip of the gutter is wider than 3 in (7.5 cm) or if there is no gutter, please send the dimensions or email a photo. Water quality affects the quality of the underwater video. Please check that the opposite wall is very clear when viewing from underwater at the opposite end of the pool.

If the clinic is conducted within 250 miles of Richmond, VA, STR will bring all necessary equipment. If the clinic is more than 250 miles from Richmond, please provide a table and chair for the pool testing session and a large screen TV or multimedia projector and screen for the classroom analysis session.

Testing Session
At the start of the testing session, all the swimmers will be instructed as a group in the testing procedures. This only takes about 5 min. The testing time for each swimmer is about 5 min. It expedites the testing process if there is one swimmer ready at the testing station while another swimmer is being tested. Swimmers can participate in team training when not being tested.

Classroom Session
The classroom session is usually scheduled 15 min after the pool testing session. This provides enough time for the change in venue, connecting the computer to the multimedia projector, etc.

We would appreciate directions to the pool, a recommendation for a nearby hotel, and the best method for ground transportation (if applicable).

Please contact us if there are any concerns with preparation for the clinic – or 850-385-9803.