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Is Your Pre-Race Nutritional Plan Based on Bad Data?

A recent article* by best-selling author, Caroline Criado-Perez, describes a serious gender gap in sport science data: research is based almost exclusively on men. The article included a short list of things that we do not know regarding sex differences between men and women and their different physiologic responses to exercise. One piece of this grabbed our attention:  “The general [...]

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Can Less Mean More?

Triathletes can maximize their time training in the water by focusing on technique.

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How to Stop Shoulder Pain Before Injury

In butterfly and freestyle, the arm entry can be especially stressful. Because of this, adjusting technique elements in the arm entry can make a huge difference not only in a swimmer’s shoulder pain but also in a swimmer’s times.

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Is Your Shoulder Pain Caused by Injury or Conditioning?

Swimming through injury pain can delay recovery and in many cases may cause more damage. Swimming through conditioning pain, on the other hand, is part of training. Because of these differences, it is critical to identify the cause of shoulder pain. Characteristics of pain caused by injury are: Localized pain that can be pinpointed at the front of the shoulder [...]

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Olympians Are Not Flying Pigs!

When scientific information doesn’t seem useful to coaches or swimmers, they may turn instead to information that is readily accessible, explained in familiar terminology, and which has demonstrated applicability. That information can encourage them to model the fastest swimmers and the most successful teams. For example, the “noticeable” (i.e. obvious) mechanics of an Olympic champion are often modeled. The weakness [...]

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Streamline Cues with MONA

Streamline cue infographic

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4 Technique Tips That Will Benefit Almost EVERY Swimmer

Every swimmer has different strengths and limitations. However, research has shown that almost all swimmers can make improvements on these 4 technique elements to swim faster. 1. Butterfly - Limit head submersion on arm entry. Cue: Feel the water level at the top of the head when the hands enter the water. 2. Backstroke – Increase hand [...]

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Loch Ness Monster Neck

Loch Ness Monster Neck (Otherwise known as breathing position in breaststroke!) During a recent meeting with a client, I was asked:  What’s up with the Loch Ness Monster neck you recommend for breaststroke breathing?” It took only a few seconds to understand the question - - and a few more to stop laughing. What a great question though - - [...]

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5 Swim Practice Habits That Will Help You Swim Faster

1. Chunk your workout. Dedicate a specific distance to specific technique elements, speed, or effort level. For example, swim a set of 10 x 25 yards fly focused on keeping your head motionless at the surface of the water on the non-breathing strokes. 2. Commit to an improvement plan. Set a short-term goal and determine how you will measure progress. [...]

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