Fewer Miles, Faster Times

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5 Things Your Mother Told You About Swimming Technique. (Were You Listening?)

We’ve all grown up with an expression or two seared on our brains. You know what I’m talking about! Expressions like “Haste makes waste,” or “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” There are a few of those sayings that make sense today when thinking about them in terms of swimming technique. (OK –probably not exactly what your mom [...]

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Have you made your choice?

Yogi Berra, the NY Yankees legend who died in September at the age of 90, was known as much for his sayings as for his actions on the field. One of my personal favorites is “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”  And, while all of us have certainly been following that advice our entire lives, [...]

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Three Freestyle Elements You Can't Swim (Well) Without Whether you are new to swimming or have been competing for years, you must master three key technique elements if you want to swim freestyle fast.  And, while each element may seem simple, you may need a reminder and a swim cue to stay on track. Freestyle is the most popular competitive [...]

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Swimmers Need to Breathe

Of course swimmers need to breathe while swimming! But breathing correctly can be a challenge for an inexperienced swimmer. On top of that, a bad breathing habit can take real effort to change. My granddaughter, Bailey, who is swimming with NOVA in Richmond, has been working to exhale during her stroke cycle and it hasn’t been easy for her. (Full [...]

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Science is ALWAYS Win-Win

My wife tells me I am a nerd - -although she insists that she means that “in a good way.” I do love science. (But I also consider myself to be an athlete.  No conflict there.) Science helps to explain how things work and in my field (biomechanics), science can be used to identify, explain, improve and quantify movement. Since [...]

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Science Matters

I get a lot of comments from coaches who have neither the time nor resources to implement any kind of regular testing program. I understand.  In swimming, as in so many sports, the focus of training has increasingly been on quantity rather than quality. Coupled with limited pool availability, this leaves less and less time to work on technique – [...]

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Why do we measure?

To begin with, we depend on numbers to know how we are doing in just about anything – from grades to weight to distances traveled or the temperature outside.  In many sports, numbers allow us to quantify performance. Instead of saying a swimmer is fast, for example, we can say that she swims a 0.24.02 sec  50 yd free. If [...]

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100 m freestyle in 40 sec

  When will we see a 40 sec 100 m freestyle swim? According to the predicted trend, a swimmer will break 40 sec in about the year 2060. What do you think?

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Butterfly Hips

When you swim butterfly, do you try to keep your hips motionless or do you make them go up and down?

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