Swimming Technology Research (STR) was incorporated in Florida in 1987 and has been accessible via the internet since 1996. STR’s mission is to improve aquatic sports through applied research, using advanced technology, the principles of physics, and the science of biomechanics. As part of fulfilling that mission, STR manufactures hardware and software, and provides a wide variety of consulting services to individuals, teams, and swimming federations.

STR’s approach to technique is unique, in that the STR method of swimming is not based on the conventional wisdom derived from observation of champions. Instead, all the technique elements incorporated into the STR method were developed from the principles of physics, over 50 years of published research, and data from many thousands of Aquanex trials.

In addition to the sound foundation for STR technique, our instructional methods incorporate deliberate practice (DP) strategies that help swimmers master technique elements quickly. The DP strategies are based on Dr. Anders Ericsson’s research findings about the practice components necessary to become an expert.

Most importantly, STR technique elements and learning strategies minimize the chance of injuries. STR president Dr. Rod Havriluk has collaborated with Dr. Ted Becker (Former Head Trainer for the USA Olympic Swim Team) on numerous studies of shoulder stress.

Swimmers and coaches can take comfort in knowing that STR instruction and analysis methods are uniquely designed to help swimmers rapidly improve their technique while minimizing the risk of injury. Research results show that swimmers progress more from a short term (one week or one month) STR treatment than from a much longer term (one or two years) of traditional training.