After several decades of competitive swimming and an even longer time spent on pool decks as coach, scientist and swim parent, STR President Rod Havriluk concedes that there is no such thing as perfect technique. Unless, that is, you are a programmed biomechanical model.

MONA is just that – a completely programmed model that displays flawless technique based on proven science. Working with MONA allows swimmers to actually see and experience the most advantageous positions for arms, legs, head and body throughout each of the four competitive strokes.

MONA’s optimal technique was developed from the latest and most accurate information available about swimming technique, including the applicable principles of physics (biomechanics and hydrodynamics), experimental findings from several decades of research, and many thousands of trials of synchronized, underwater video and hand force data.

MONA displays in front, side, top and bottom views and maintains perfect technique throughout the stroke cycle. Swimmers interested in “approaching perfect” will also be interested in learning more about their own technique and how it matches MONA.