Swimming Technology Research employs a well-qualified group of experts to help achieve maximum results in the pool. Although our focus is on using cutting-edge technology and applying science-confirmed principles to swimming technique, we know that keeping swimmers in the pool means helping to avoid injury as well as drop times. Our approach does both.

Consequently, STR is actively engaged in swimming research using our patented force measuring technology. This research is often the basis for consultation/collaboration with other researchers and coaching staff.

In addition to swimmers, triathletes, coaches, and international swim federations,  STR has also consulted with a number of aquatic equipment manufacturers to determine if a new product performs as designed.

STR president Dr. Havriluk has served as the “swimming expert” on several television shows, including a recent episode of Stan Lee’s Superhumans (The History Channel).

Consulting areas:

  • Force Measurement in Swimming
  • Biomechanics of Swimming Technique
  • Swimming Technique as a Means to Avoid Shoulder Injury
  • Using Cues to Improve Swimming
  • Skill Learning Acceleration Methods (SLAM)

To learn more about consulting options, please contact us.