Minimum Computer System Requirements

Models DU2, DU2V, TU2, TU2V – Pentium 4 with Windows XP with Service Pack 2.

Model DU2V (19 or higher) – Dual core processor with Windows 7 64-bit

Power Requirements

All interfaces and direct cable sensors are powered by the computer.

Telemetry sensors are powered by their own battery.

System Limitations

Maximum sampling rate using the minimum computer system requirements is 100 samples/sec.

Maximum transmission distance for RSU/T is 25 m.

Maximum number of repetitions per trial is 100.

Maximum number of clients in database is 500.

Maximum allotted time for data collection in one trial is 5 min at 50 samples/sec.

Approximate File Sizes

Data files (.dat extension) require 12 KB for every 1 min. of data collected at 50 samples/sec.

Summary files (.sum extension) require 1 KB for every 10 repetitions.

Video files (.avi extension) require 5 MB per sec.

Standard Sensor Features

Model D sensors weigh 8 oz. and connect to the interface with a 50 ft. cable.

Model T sensors weigh 8 oz. and have a 6 ft. cable between the sensor element and the transmitter case. The transmitter case is a plexiglass cylinder with a diameter of 2.5 in and a length of 4 in.

Sensor Dimensions/Installation Requirements

Type A sensors are 1.25 in. x .75 in. x 1 in.

Type B sensors are 2 in. x 1.5 in. x 1 in. and have a 24 in. x .75 in. rubber strap with a bayonet clip.

Type C sensors require a minimum space of 1.25 in. x .75 in. x .5 in. and are custom installed by STR.

Type D sensors are 1.25 in. x .75 in. x 1 in. and can be installed on any flat surface that has a maximum thickness of .75 in. Type D sensors have a .75 in. long mounting screw with wingnut and require two mounting holes with diameters of 3/16 in. and 5/16 in. that are centered .75 in. apart.

Sensor Performance (maximum values)

Sensors have an accuracy of .2%.

Series 25 sensors have a sensitivity of .4 lb./unit and a range of 1,000 lbs. positive to 95 lbs. negative.

Series 40 sensors have a sensitivity of .25 lb./unit and a range of 1,000 lbs positive to 85 lbs. negative.

Series 80 sensors have a sensitivity of .125 lb./unit, and a range of 500 lbs positive to 75 lbs. negative.