Aquanex can be used to analyze aquatic exercise equipment. STR provides complete testing services including experimental design and statistical analysis.

Aquanex measures force on equipment surfaces:

  • Hand paddles
  • Fins
  • Exercise equipment
  • Oars

Aquanex data can be used in several aspects of material testing:

  • Generation of normative data
  • Prototype testing and evaluation
  • Comparison of different product models
  • Determination of equipment use limits
  • Comparison of forces generated with different techniques

Type A sensors are worn on the hands during swimming or aquatic exercise.

Type B sensors are strapped to upper or lower arms or legs.

Type C sensors install in most types of 3D equipment.

Type D sensors user-install on most types of flat aquatic equipment, such as hand paddles, fins, and oars.

The image below is a Hydrobell with an Aquanex sensor installed to measure forces on opposite surfaces during aquatic exercise.