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Swimming Without Pain eBook


“Swimming Without Pain” eBook is a comprehensive guide to preventing and rehabilitating shoulder injuries.

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“Swimming Without Pain” is a comprehensive guide to preventing and rehabilitating shoulder injuries. The eBook contains more than 100 pages and 200 images that clearly present information that every swimmer and coach needs to know.

The first chapter includes sections on the prevalence of shoulder injury, shoulder anatomy, and terminology. The second chapter addresses strategies to minimize the risk factors for injury. Chapters 3-6 cover the phases of each stroke in detail and present the technique adjustments that can avoid shoulder injury. Chapter 7 provides practice strategies to help a swimmer make technique adjustments as quickly as possible.

From the introduction:

“Many swimmers suffer significant pain, miss training time, and even retire from swimming because of shoulder injuries. This statement is supported by more than forty-years of documentation on the prevalence of shoulder injuries. Fortunately, we now also have substantial information, especially about technique, that can prevent injury by minimizing shoulder stress during swimming. This book explains technique adjustments that can minimize both the number and severity of injuries and presents related training concepts. Swimmers and coaches will be pleased to note that all the technique adjustments that relieve shoulder stress also improve performance.”


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