The format for the standard STR instructional clinic is a one hour classroom session followed by a two hour pool session. Typically, a morning instructional clinic is followed by an afternoon Aquanex analysis clinic. Many other clinic formats are available. Clinics and camps can be scheduled for as short as a three hour session or as long as two weeks.

Olympians are often used as models for performance. However, we have tested thousands of competitive swimmers, including Olympians from a dozen countries, and have found that every swimmer (even the world’s fastest) has technique limitations. For this reason, Dr. Havriluk developed MONA (Model Optimal Natacion) to demonstrate optimal swimming technique. MONA is used in all of Dr. Havriluk’s instructional clinics.

The MONA presentation makes it very clear to the swimmers how to focus on the visual and kinesthetic cues during the pool session. Consequently, swimmers learn to monitor and control their own technique, producing rapid technique adjustments. Most importantly, the swimmers understand how to continue to focus on their technique when they return to their normal training. Swimmers typically see a performance benefit immediately after a clinic and continued improvement as they make more adjustments permanent.