SwimCues is our Mobile version of MONA – a biomechanical model of optimal technique. SwimCues presents visual and kinesthetic cues for all four competitive strokes.

Swiping to the side changes the view: front, side, top, and bottom. There is a play button on the bottom of the screen and single-frame buttons to go forward or backward.

Olympians are often used as models for performance. Research shows that faster swimmers have more effective technique than slower swimmers, but even the world’s fastest swimmers have technique limitations. We have tested thousands of competitive swimmers, including Olympians from a dozen countries, and have found that every swimmer can make technique changes to swim faster.

For this reason, Dr. Havriluk developed MONA (Modél Optimál NAtación) – a biomechanical model that presents only the positive elements of technique without any limiting factors. (Dr. Havriluk is a biomechanist and the president of STR.)

MONA is based on the principles of physics, published research on the biomechanics of swimming, and over 25 years of documented findings from Aquanex. MONA is the optimal model of technique because she has all the best technique elements with none of the limitations. Science links include:

Maximizing Propulsion
Minimizing Resistance
Preventing Injury
Accelerating Learning