Finally, a fast, precise, and objective way to evaluate and adjust swimming technique.

Swimming Technology Research has just released SwimCues – a mobile version of STR’s biomechanical model of optimal technique (MONA). For just $4.99, you can download the SwimCues app to your iPhone® or iPad® and bring critically important and accurate info about technique to every training session and competition.

SwimCues is compatible with iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, and require iOS 7.1 or later.


MONA1c phone SwimCues 2 MONA2c

Swiping to the side changes the view: front, side, top, and bottom. SwimCues includes breathing and nonbreathing stroke cycles for all four competitive strokes. Most importantly, it provides cues that clearly explain the most advantageous position of the head, arms, and legs at 12 critical points within each stroke cycle. The cues are precisely worded so that a swimmer can see or feel the exact positions of an optimal (fastest and most efficient) technique. The app gives swimmers, coaches, and parents, a specific way to assess current technique and determine the adjustments needed to improve in each competitive stroke.

The MONA biomechanical model was developed using the principles of physics and verified through the research of dozens of acclaimed scientists. The cues presented in SwimCues have been taught to thousands of swimmers in clinics with remarkable results. (Supporting documents are available.)

MONA does not swim with the technique of any Olympian – MONA swims with the perfect technique that every Olympian would like to have! (Yes, that’s right: even Olympians would benefit by applying the information in SwimCues!)