Swimming is a skill sport that requires an individual to master very specific movements to swim effectively. Every day, the STR team of professionals evaluates swimmers’ technique and makes suggestions that will prevent injury (or further injury!) and improve performance. Over the years, STR has worked with thousands of swimmers at every ability level from beginners to Olympians. That extensive experience is the basis for this product.
How can cues improve technique?
Each page features images that show the front and side views for the four critical positions within the cycle of each competitive stroke. The cues associated with each position are intended to help determine actual position in relation to optimal position during each phase of a stroke. This information can:
  • provide swimmers and coaches with a easy-to-use method of evaluation
  • give the swimmer specific measurement tools for self-monitoring
  • improve communication by developing a standard language for technique
  • generate a better understanding of the physical requirements of

The MONA Cue Cards are available at the STR Store. The cards show images of the critical positions in each stroke, along with the cues that help swimmers master technique.